Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Someone

I want someone who will care, who will love me as I am
Someone who sees me as me, who will not run away in fear
I long for intimacy, and for a long held embrace,
I long for passionate love, one who will kiss my face

I long to be free with the one I love,
She will love my personality and desire my time
She will seek me out, and wonder how I am
Her heart will be entwined with mine

I long to share the rest of my life with this woman I adore
I want to share my desires, and share my hurts
I long to have a girl who will stand by my side
It won’t matter what storms come or how big the tide.

She will not run away, or quit when things get rough
She will be devoted to me; embracing me in love
She will understand me and the way I think
She will love my humor, love my heart so passionately.

And I in return, will do the same with her,
I will pour out all I am and really care for her.
I will praise her beauty every day and night
I will love her deeply, she will be my delight

I will ask about her day, and listen as she speaks
I will comfort her when she is feeling weak
I will show her just how she is the world to me
I will embrace her; hold her, love her more than I love me

And the funny thing is, this girl was already in my life
Yet I went years without knowing that she was Mrs. Right
And I have now found what I was looking for
My Sarah Jo is the woman that I really adore

With her in my life, everything is complete
She fulfills all my desires, and she satisfies me.
I have written these words, they are honest and true
Sarah, you’re my angel and I am in love with you!