Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Journal 6/19/07


You are like a flowing river that starts to grow in the wastelands of my life, for you refresh my soul O Lord. You are like the tide that crashes upon the scorched land in my soul. You are refreshing and filled with life. You are the source and sustainer of life as your clouds of mercy pour out rain upon a weary people. You are so good. And though there is drought brought forth from the blistering heat of the sun, you bring shelter to the weary as your clouds overtake the harshness of the noon time heat. And I can feel the sprinkling of what’s to come. I can taste in a sense the mist coming from eternity. I can feel the sprinkle from the waterfall that crashes down the cliff. I can hear the rumbling power of the pouring water and it is serene and uplifting yet powerful and surreal.

Oh your water is so purifying. You wash me clean as I drink in your thirst quenching waters of life. The winds of refreshment are on their way as I know you are coming again soon for your bride. I feel like a drop of water in the ocean of God. There is such a security as I swim in the fountain of the Lord. I am at home and though the tide may come and go, I can be assured that you love me as I swim in the streams of your love for you are my life.

Oh how this water reflects the Son coming from the sky so clearly. You are incredible Lord Jesus. The icy caverns of my heart have melted away in your presence. I am looking up Lord, for I know the time for your visitation is coming. And each cloud that forms in the heavens only brings me closer to my hope as I ponder your return. You are coming again, Halleluiah! Come Lord Jesus, come quickly for your bride. We are desperate for you, for you have the water that will cause us to never thirst again, and we are a thirsty people Lord.

May I be found dancing in the ripples and waves as they emerge upon the horizon at your coming. May I float in the crystal waters before your throne in humility and meekness as I embrace you at your return. May you take pity on a wretch like me Lord Jesus and return quickly. How I long for that day. Please come for us. We await with eagerness to meet you in the air. Please come soon.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Journal 6-15-07

As I write this I am looking out the window at this incredible view as the sun is setting upon the horizon. Believe it or not, but it is 10:10PM and there is still light glistening in the sky. I am listening to worship music as I contemplate the frailty of life. This view that I have out this window is so glorious. I live in the Northwest and there are so many trees. I can see the mountains buried in greenery, as God’s creation gets ready to close her eyes for the night. I have been so blessed to live in an area of the world where it still only takes a few minutes to get alone in nature and alone with the Lord.

Life is so short. It has been appointed for man once to die and then the judgment.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. We really do not have a lot of time given to us to dwell on this earth. And not only that but the earth is actually dying. It is not the same earth that our forefathers walked upon. The earth is sick and is dying. The earth is under a curse as we are also while we live in this fallen world. Why do we lose sight so quickly of what is important? The Lord is important. Family is important. Relationships are important. The other things are just so irrelevant in light of eternity. Yet they consume us.

So back to this incredible view, I have this wonderful view from the hospital window as my son Tobias lays next to me asleep in his hospital bed. He is ok, just a little dehydrated from (hopefully just the flu) all the vomiting over the last few days. As I got to the hospital this evening to relieve my wife she informed me that my grandmother was given 6 months to live. She has lived a long time, but at the end of the day, once she takes her last breath that is it. And we will all be in that place. We will all die. Maybe not today, but unless the rapture happens we will die eventually.

Life is just too short to not do the right thing and serve the Lord. And as I say this, I look at myself and see that I too am a man who needs to serve the Lord. Because the truth is that I have only been serving myself. God has been so good to me. I can remember crying out for God to hear my prayer to spare my son Tobias and he heard me. God heard me and answered. And though we are in the hospital now, I am so grateful for the last four years that I have had with my son.

I mean, in a sense this is borrowed time because we were told that Tobias was not going to live. And here yet, here we are four years later. Oh God is good. He really is. Should I be angry with the Lord because my grandmother is not going to make it? Is it God’s fault? No. God has blessed us. We are so blessed and though death really is devastating and horrible; it is a reminder of two things. The first reminder is that we were not created to die. This was not how the original creation was.

And secondly we have hope for what is to come. God has promised us that he will restore things back to what they were. Adam was in paradise and we will one day be in paradise too. He will and has defeated the sting of death. How can we get mad at God when he has in fact given us such a great hope? God has promised that he will resurrect those who are in his family. And when my friends and family breath their last breath, it makes me cling to the promises of God tighter. He is so good. I am so grateful that he has given me hope. I am so grateful that he loves me and cares for me.

He is so pure, loving, gracious, and merciful and yet he still wants to meet with and fellowship with me. Wow! I wish I could focus on Jesus in this way all the time. I mean I know I can, but I wish I would. Sin is so enticing and it keeps me from the One who love me. I have failed on my journey thus far but I pray that from today forward that I would practically walk and live out what I write. I know that when I stand before the Lord that I will have regrets and lots of them.

Oh God, I want to be in tune with you wholly. Please forgive me for choosing other things over the important things in life. The truth is that I feel so safe with you because you have declared that I am precious to you. I want to live I your embrace forever Jesus.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Herb Peters – Stay Tuned

Herb Peters – Stay Tuned

When tragedy strikes and all we can do is wail
When the storm is real hard as we sink and don’t sail
When times are real gloomy as we lose a good friend
It is ok to cry as we struggle to comprehend.

Herb was a man that reported the news
His next of kin Holly will now fulfill his shoes
He sought to reach people and his stance was real bold
He proclaimed the bible as events started to unfold

He was given a task that was his to fulfill
For many of us that task of his only revealed
Just how close we are to the coming of the Lord
We have talked about these things on FP’s discussion boards

Herb loved the bible and the prophesies inside
He talked about the EU as the Roman Empire was revived
Hal Lindsey showed Herb just what the bible was worth
As Herb picked up the book, The Late Great Planet Earth

And from that moment on, Herbs life was not the same
As he proclaimed the scriptures and lifted up Jesus’ name
He studied the news and saw the world was in a fix
The moment he discovered Recommendation 666

So Herb wrote a book to let all people know
As we all read his book our reply was just “Whoa!”
For his book got us thinking as we opened our eyes
We all started looking up for the Lord in the skies

And now as we ponder and as we reflect
We weep and we wail as we miss a man we respect
And though we are mourning from the pain of this wound
This is not the last time we will hear his words, “Stay Tuned!”

Written by Bill Scott, Sr.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Journal 6/11/07


How many times will I waver and not do the right thing? God, you never change even though my circumstances change. And my circumstances change so much. I have a sense or a feeling of some sort, whether it is prophetic or not I do not know; but I sense an emergency upon the horizon. I sense some oncoming tragedy and I do not know if it is a personal tragedy or a national one but it is eminent and I can’t shake it.

If tragedy does strike at any level, will I waver Lord? Will I stand? Sometimes I long for tragedy in the sense that I am more in tune with you in those times than I am when things are well. Don’t get me wrong, I hate trials but the truth be told, I get so carnal and apathetic in times of blessing. And though I HATE and DESPISE trial and tribulation; I despise my carnality even more.

I long to be a man who walks faithfully before you and that doesn’t happen in times of blessing. But it does happen in times of tragedy at least for me it does. Actually I don’t think I ever walk wholeheartedly with you. Why wont I surrender and simply abide with you Jesus? What will it take?

Lord, if something is hovering over the horizon of my life or America or the world, please help me to prepare so that I can walk in the Spirit and do the right thing before you. Please prepare my wife and I and our family for what is to come. I want to live completely sold out to you and not get caught up and distracted over little things. Help me to keep my eyes on the finish line because I constantly lose sight and forget that I am in a race. Help me to run the race to win.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Journal 6/7/07

Shall we accept good from the Lord and not adversity? That is a question to ponder when going through any trial in life. Why is it that we can get all excited and passionate with the Lord when things go our way yet at the 1st glimpse of adversity we question and accuse the Lord of wrong doing? This makes no sense to me. If God is faithful then he is faithful period, no matter what happens. And God IS faithful and he can be trusted. He is a good God who loves us and allows things to happen because he is wiser than we are and sees all things.

I desire to be a man who will love the Lord even if he chooses to take my kids lives, and my wealth and my health. Am I that man? I don’t think so, but I want to be a man who simply trusts in the Lord wholeheartedly all the days of my life.

One thing that I have learned over the years is that a lot of people throw out everything that they know to be true about God when they go through a difficult time. And instead of trusting in the only one who can change your circumstances or give you the endurance in the midst of the trial we tend to walk away from the Lord.

Let that not be so. When the trial is crashing upon us and we are in the power of a storm beyond our control that is when we MUST fall upon what we know to be true about the Lord. That is when we must trust Jesus. God is good and he loves me. And maybe it doesn’t feel like he loves me, but Romans 5:8 is the loudest declaration of Gods love for me that there is.

Romans 5:8, For God demonstrated his love towards me that when I was still a sinner, Christ died for me!

Case closed! That is the hard truth and God is good. He cannot think nor do anything that is evil. So my encouragement is when you go through the trial, and we all do; fall back on what you know to be true about the Lord and trust him.


So my son Billy is home and ok now. thank you for all the prayers, they were a total blessing. I really appreciate the prayers. So what happened (Thank you Jim) was that Billy over the last two years has resisted using the bathroom. He hates to poop. and we have over the last two years been taking him to the doctors for this and giving him medicines and enemas and all these things.

Well, Billy's intestines were completely backed up all the way into his stomach. He was starting to get sick from the stool that was backing into his stomach and that is why he continued vomiting.

While at the hospital, my son was completely flushed out. They stuck a tube into his nose that went into his stomach and flushed out his intestines. And that boy of mine had so much stool inside of him that came out that it was unbelievable.

So is the issue done and will Billy start pooping? I don't know. I know that he is out of the current crisis and is still on medication to make him go. Hopefully he wont hold it anymore. So yes my son is home and healthy and being his normal 6 year old self. Thank you EVERYONE for praying. I was totally blessed by the support and the prayers to the Lord. If you can pray that my son will not have issues in the future I would truly be blessed.

Thank you,


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Prayer Request

So yesterday 6/4/07 was my son Billy's birthday. He turned 5. Well he has been throwing up since Sunday morning. We took him to the doctor yesterday and they told us to monitor him and if he keeps doing it then tke him to the hospital.

Well, he started vomiting blood. So Jessica took him to the hospital last night and they are still there. They thought it was the flew at 1st but now they think it is his intestines. He may be in the hospital for a few more days as they run more test on him.

Billy has had problems going to the bathroom. As a matter of fact he holds it for so long at times that in the past all of his large intestines and 3/4 of his small intestines have been backed up.

The doctors are taking xrays of his intestines now too see if that is his problem. That is all I know at this point.

Please pray.......thanks