Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Journal 5/31/05

I have been wanting to get up at 4:30am to spend time with you and I have just been so tired. but today you woke me up. Thank you. So now I am up and able to spend this intimate undistracted time alone with you. Is there anything that you desire to share with me? I know you want to pour out your heart. I am here listening to you my loving and faithful Father. Please speak to me from your word this morning.
Please bless my wonderful wife Jessica. Help her deal and proactively teach our three children your ways today. Please heal her body as she slowly recovers from the birth of Mercy Scott. Thank you for my daughter. Please heal her of her stomach aches and bless her my Lord. I ask that she would grow up to be totally on fire and passionate for you.
Thank you for Tobias too. He is such a happy go lucky child. I ask that you would help him to grow mentally and physically into a man of God. I pray that he would have solid integrity as a boy and as a man. I pray that he would be a strong leader and that you would anoint him at an early age to lead your people into your presence. I also know that he needs to be saved too as he does not have a second nature yet. So please cause him and all my other kids to know you and to surrender to you.
I pray for Billy jr. as well. Please teach him your word and cause him to have a shepherds heart. Please give him understanding of your word and help him to study in such a way that he shows himself approved. Allow him to be a workman who can rightly divide the truth.
Thank you Father. On the merits of Jesus I ask these things, So be it!
Bill Scott, Sr.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Journal 5/27/05

It only takes a moment of communion with the Master to hear the passion of the Almighty as the chords of His heart are strummed in your ear. As your frail humanity partakes in that which is indefinitely infinite, listen closely to what you hear. Listen closely and hear the hugeness of His heart for you; pause and listen a little closer and hear His heart for your family, loved ones, friends. Now listen even closer and hear His heart for strangers, your city, your state, your country….then lean in close and tune your ear to the still small voice of the Omnipotent and hear His heart weeping over the nations.
I believe that the Master has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. I believe that the Almighty cries out, "Turn, Please turn from your wicked ways. Why will you choose to die in your sins? Won’t you come? Won’t you turn? Please, the judgment is too great! The price is to high and it will cost you everything you have and you will still die in your sins!"
O God, how I long to see Your glory and how I live to exalt Your name. O God, descend upon us in power. Come and send Your Spirit’s fire, to burn on the alter of our hearts. O Christ, Come now to your waiting Bride in every language, tongue and tribe, who bares Your name upon the earth. For we wait. We wait for You to come. We wait upon You alone. You have called us to the nations. Please send us out Lord to the lost sheep of the nations.
Father our deepest gratitude extends out to You who alone sought us out and delivered us from the pit of hell unto life abundantly here and life eternal to come. Thank You Father. Thank You for loving us just because You love us.
Oh worshippers, I plead with you to relentlessly press into the presence of God and worship at the foot of His throne; for there is no better place! The Lord bids us to come and I fear that week after week we miss out on Him. He doesn’t want our melodies. He doesn’t want our Sunday mornings. He wants our hearts. He wants us to fellowship with Him. He wants every part of us. Let us not miss out on the One who loves us with a passion beyond our comprehension. Worship Him saints! Exalt Him! Praise Him and come to Him for He alone is worthy and waits with open arms to embrace those who seek Him wholeheartedly.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Journal 5/20/05

As I contemplate on the mercies and grace of God in my own life, I am overwhelmed with a passion for people who are like me, people who are sinners as I am. As I see the wretchedness of my own heart and as I reminisce of all the places my wicked heart has taken me; I get a sense and understanding of where unbelieving people are in their heart of hearts. Even as a believer for many years now, I have struggled with a life of defeat, a life is discouragement and hopelessness. In the height of the desperation of the agony of my soul; one thing got me through. Only one person was able to transform me. My life of despair and grief was exchanged and transformed by the person of Jesus Christ. As I went through the Word of God, it brought me to the person of Jesus and He took me to the Father where I received strength in my weariness. I received mercy in my time of need (Hebrews 4:15-16). It wasn’t that I had this great faith in God but the little faith that I had was placed in a GREAT GOD.
This is what I desire. I desire more than anything to go into the throne room of grace, into the throne room of the King of kings. I desire to go into that special place in my heart of hearts where Jesus can minister to me. I desire Jesus.
In Mathew 17:1-8 there is an incredible story. Jesus brings Peter, James and John up to a high mountain where Jesus is transfigured before their eyes. Moses and Elijah show up as well. So you have Moses who represents the Law and you have Elijah who represents the Prophets (The Old Testament) there with the Christ, the Messiah. As Moses, Elijah, and Jesus dialog about the upcoming events in Jerusalem; mainly the cross that Jesus had to bear and His death (Luke 9:31), a cloud overtakes them and the apostles see no one. Fear grips their hearts as they hear the Father say, “This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!”
The apostles are so scared that they fall onto their faces. Something happens at this point which is extremely simple, yet at the same time very powerful. Jesus comes to them and touches them. Jesus speaks to them and says, “Arise, do not be afraid.” And when the apostles lift up their eyes, they see no one but Jesus only.
My point is this: Moses was gone. Elijah had disappeared. What the law and the prophets failed to do, Jesus did. The law couldn’t bring comfort to the despairing apostles, it brought fear, but not comfort. The prophets could not help them either…it was Jesus alone who spoke the words of comfort that the apostles needed. It was the touch of Jesus that got the apostles through that terrifying experience. The law and the prophets cannot bring us what we need; they only testify of the One we need, Jesus (Romans 3:21-22).
I want this touch of Jesus. I want to bring this touch of Jesus to nonbelievers too. So in doing that, I have to use the law and the prophets as they testify of who Jesus is. I believe that as we enter into His presence through worship and the Word of God, I believe it is at this point that Jesus can come to us and to those who do not know Him yet and touch both them and us as a people. It is at this point that Jesus can come and heal us and restore us. This is what true worship is about. It’s about Him, the Savior of our soul. It's about His passion for us. He loves us because He loves us. Let us be a people who bring those souls of the world into direct contact with the Savior of the world. It’s not just about getting into the Word of God; but it’s about going through the Word of God until we come into contact with Jesus, the Healer of our soul. And once we do, we can never be the same. So my challenge is to meet with Him and allow Him to take my life and make it His. If we are willing to travel upon this road of intimacy with Jesus, we will never be the same. How can we be?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Journal 5/15/05

Martin Luther once said that “God creates out of nothing, therefore until a man is nothing, God can make nothing out of him”. It is my desire to be a man whose heart is always in communion with the Lord. I want to be a fragrant offering to my God. I desire to be one whose praise is always sweet to His ear; realizing that it isn’t the words that flow from my lips that matter but the condition of my heart. I could sing with the best of them but if my heart is distant from Him then it doesn’t really matter because the Lord wants my heart.

Let us look at Him, at His glory, at His fullness and let us worship Him in sobriety and humility. Let us be a people who say, “Come, be my EVERYTHING”, realizing that as we do this our joy will be complete in Him. Let us surrender all that we are or all that we desire to become at His feet. You want my heart Lord, not my lips.

We have been given such a generous gospel, a gospel filled with the Masters passion for His people. Let our worship of the Master be born from this same type of passion. The Master longs to reach those who are lost. He hates and has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Oh how we need to open our hearts and our eyes. Oh how we need to cry out for the nations.

O God, let salvation break out in our city. Please look down from Your throne where You are rightly exalted and take pity on those who despise You and Your word. When my frame is broken down, You are aware. Though a nursing mother may forget her child, You will NEVER forget us. Our names are inscribed on Your hand and our walls are continually before You. We want to be a people who throw ourselves recklessly into Your arms of grace. May we never forget Your presence in our lives Lord. May we totally abandon ourselves as we embrace Your grace and Your love for us wholeheartedly. Let our worship be genuine and sincere born out of purity and thankfulness for all that You have done.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I am so grateful for my family. Thank you for bringing us through the difficulties and thank you for allowing us to live in times of refreshment. Please lead us as we engage in ministry and as we build new relationships here in Portland. Fill s with your Spirit so that we are empowered to share your gospel to anyone that you lead us to. Please lead us in the perfect area for us to buy a house. We desire to use our home as a sanctuary for the saints and as a launch pad for your work in evangelism. Please give me vision and use me for your glory. In Jesus name I pray...Amen.
Bill Scott

Friday, May 06, 2005

Journal 5/6/05

The passion that you have for me is unbelievable. I am so grateful that you love me as you do. Just 5 months ago, my world was turned upside down and once again, you have made my crooked paths straight. I love you Jesus, I really love you. I am at a loss of words as I contemplate your faithfulness to me.
Why do you love me as much as you do? I don’t know but I do know that I will embrace your loving kindness and mercy and I will trust you. You spoke to me numerous times about moving to Oregon and now I am here. WOW! I am so amazed at what you have done in my life my Father. Thank you. Thank you for being here for me in every area of my life. Thank you for blessing me with a wonderful wife, wonderful kids and a good job.
Thank you for introducing me to George and allowing me to minister side by side with him. I am a blessed man Father. Thank you for my incredible job. I pray that I would work with integrity everyday there. Please give me favor there and bless the company while I am working there. Please pour out your spirit upon all the employee's at my company.
I want to pray for my neighbors too. Please save Shad, heather and Katie. Please use Jessica and I in such a way that they would truly repent of their sins and seek you for forgiveness. Please receive glory through my family and me. Use us as instruments of righteousness for you. Thank you Jesus, this has been one incredible ride and all through it, you have been faithful. I love you soooooo much.
Bill Scott, Sr.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Journal 5/3/05

Why do you love so much? I am amazed at your tenderness even when I come back from a season of rebellion and sin. Though my heart is hardened through sin, You never harden Your heart towards me. And I have to say thank you my Father. Please forgive me for putting you on a shelf for the last week or so. I have been trying so hard to find a house that I got caught up in the process and neglected you. Please forgive me.
I really want to experience you like never before. I need you to increase in my life as I learn to surrender and decrease. I am reminded of a friends song that ministers to me. My friend Aaron Hovivian wrote a song called "I Abide" and the words he penned seem to be my heart these days. These are the words:
Surrendering my all, to You alone Lord. For You alone can take this broken soul, and make me whole, Lord. Ashamed to bring to You my all, cause I know You know Lord, the shameful place I’ve been. I’ve been shattered by my sin. You know the shameful place I’ve been, I’ve been broken by my sin.
You are my hiding place O Lord, alone my refuge. For in the daylight Your love is surrounding me, and in the night You cover me by Your song. My heart is overwhelmed so to You I cry Rock higher than I!!! Cause I’m ashamed of where I’ve been. I’ve been broken by my sin. Please remind me where You’ve been.
My grave could not hold You, my death could not hide the riches of Your glory, that poured from the blood that flowed from Your side. In righteousness You have clothed me, in Christ I’ve come to hide. Because where my sin abounded, Lord Your grace did yet abound, that in You I might abide.
Lord, you really are wonderful. Thank you for being my God and my loving Father.