Friday, September 24, 2010

Journal 9/24/10

Been feeling up and down lately, nothing to intense and I am happy, but I cant seem to get a hold of my emotions, they tend to go all over the place. I feel sad, happy, frustrated, excited, stressed, content, nervous, all at the same time. Its so weird and I feel like its a roller coaster.

Interesting....(insert "ponders these feelings" here). Oh well, things are better than they ever have been, and I am blessed. Now its time for me to go to work.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Journal 9/13/10

Today is a better day, I have had conflicting emotions because of a child molesting family member. I have been all over the map because thoughts of him make me sick to my stomach and I want to vomit. He is in jail, and facing 25 to life for a 3rd strike. It wasn't molestation that put him in jail this time, it was drugs. But drugs is what he was on when he was molesting in the past. I am disgusted and angry, sad and my heart is shredded.