Friday, October 21, 2005


The enemy is crafty; the enemy is slick
The enemy can take a man; and play him like a trick
And for whatever reason; we think we are ok
Every time we turn our backs and start to walk away

The thing about deception; we believe we are alright
And the whole time; we can not see; as we have lost our sight
And when we are in darkness; we cannot see what’s clear
We see things not as they are; but as the do appear

We take what we have seen; and we twist it in our minds
We think we have insight; yet the whole time we are blind
We conjure up our schemes; with our systematic plans
And in deception we deceive; each other with our scams

It is a vicious circle; and the fruit from this has spots
And when we see this ugly fruit; we realize it all rots
And we start to see clearly; as the Lord opens our eyes
He shows us that we were wrong and spares us from demise

We then see the big picture; and the truth blows us away
We see the Lord; we see the truth; and wonder how we strayed
Pride comes into the picture; as we think that we have learned
We vow that we won’t fail again; not knowing that we turned

And as we talk about; how the Lord opened our eyes
We once again; fall into sin; and believe we are wise
And in this fallen state; we once again believe
That we are right; and they are wrong; yet were once again deceived.

Written by Bill Scott, Sr. on 10/21/05

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Come to Me

I heard a voice; the other day
Say, “Come to Me”; please do not stray
I asked the voice; why should I come?
The answer then made me grow numb.

Come to Me; because it’s wise
I’ll save you from the devil’s lies
Come to Me; just as you are
I’ll heal your wounds and heal your scars

Come to Me; don’t hesitate
Turn around and accelerate
Come to Me; and you will find
I heal the sick and heal the blind

Come to Me; come now my son
I’ve done it all; the work is done
So come to Me; and let’s begin
The process of dealing with sin

Just Come my child, Oh come and see
Obey my cries and hear my plea’s
I love you son; please turn your ear
Don’t wander away; will you hear?

Just come and all things will work out
Believe in Me; please do not doubt
For I will heal all those who come
I heal them all, not only some

Abide in me and I will give
To you long life as you will live
And all your needs; I will supply
I will not fail; and do not lie

So Come my child is all I ask
Remain in me; will be your task
For I won’t leave nor forsake you
It’s you I seek and I pursue

As Jesus shared His heart with me
My heart pounded in jubilee
Forever changed now; by one plea
When Jesus said, “Son, come to Me!”

Written by Bill Scott, Sr on 10/19/05

Journal 10/19/05

I have been on this journey for a while in my spiritual life. And there have been times where the sun was shining and the skies were blue. And then there have been times where the sky turns black as the storms come in. Well, for the last two years, the skies have been black. Not just from a normal storm, but from the blackest, darkest ugliest storm. It was like pollution filled the air and all I could see was the blackest smoke as it choked the very life out of me causing my heart to fail me.

Well, the storm has again past, yet I lay here scarred from the inflicting damage that this dark storm has caused. Yet I have hope. This storm past awhile ago and I have been in a dark season of healing for a very long time. And I am not fully healed yet. But the Lord gave me a picture in my minds eye. I can see in my minds eye the Lord doing heart surgery on me. I am lying there totally wounded and inflicted yet at the same time, I see my heart in the hands of my Master. He is gently healing my heart. And though this is extremely painful; I am overjoyed that the Lord has my heart. I am blessed to know that the Lord is so near to me as He holds my very life blood in his hands. I love being this close to the Master as he heals the wounds. And though I am still in surgery so to speak, I know that once the Lord has done what he needs to with my spiritual heart, then the time of healing will begin. This really excites me.

Thank you Jesus; for loving me as much as you do. I am so grateful that you hold my heart and that you actually heal the wounded and afflicted. You are incredible and I am overwhelmed with a passion that at moments in time; consume me. I know that you have this same passion for me; yet your passion is at all times. I love you Lord; not like I ought to; but as Peter said; I love you as a friend. I want to love you more deeply; more fervently with more passion; and I need you to work that love into my heart as you hold and mold this new spiritual heart that you are giving to me. Thank you for everything; you are the greatest!

Bill Scott, Sr.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Before the Fall

Written by Bill Scott, Sr. on 10/17/05

Before the Fall

Way back in time; when our ancestors lived
The world was all new; it was not as it is
Our forefathers walked freely; as they roamed on the earth
They lived in a new world; that just experienced birth

The atmosphere guarded; man from harmful rays
And a mist came up from the ground; new everyday
The sky full of birds; the land filled with fields
The earth was breath taking; as its newness was revealed

Plants, herbs, and trees; all yielding seeds of their kind
The earth was truly created; for all of mankind
You could hear the wind whistle; as it gently breezed
The air extra crispy; as it blew through the trees

And you had all the seasons; in perfection displayed
This was heaven on earth; before all of this decayed
The seasons declaring; to man as a sign
A sense of urgency; as it gave the man “time”

The earth was magnificent; in its prime as it stood
Yes the earth was glorious; it was totally good
Molecules filled the air; which in turn filled mans lungs
The filtered air kept all of man looking young

The earth in its glory was paradise for all
But this was before the agony of the fall
For when man decided that it was time to sin
He became isolated and ashamed of his skin

We now live in a world that is full of deceit
Where man lives to rob, to steal and to cheat
Creation now cursed; with man born to die
This is not how it was; yet you cannot deny

That things were much different; than they are currently now
For man now must work by the sweat of his brow
And though things are ugly and sin hurts us all
Heaven was here on earth; before the fall

Friday, October 14, 2005

Enter In

"Enter In" By Jessica N. Scott

Enter in and
worship with me
Come and sit, please
Before His feet.

Confident in Him
Walk through that door,
Find your place here
and kneel with me on the floor.

Lose Yourself freely
As You praise His name
You've got nothing to Lose
and everything to gain.

Wait on Him in peace
He wants for you to learn
Everything you can
and all that you yearn.

His heart is pure,
loving, gracious, and true.
There's nothing He wants more,
Than to meet with you.

So place your feet
one in front of the other,
Join us in prayer,
Your sisters and brothers.

Just Enter In.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

After the Rain

(I wrote this today. It is for two purposes. This poem is about what I have gone through with the struggles of almost losing my son two years ago. I am still trying to heal through that very harsh storm in my life. As well I am dedicating this poem to all those who have been effected by Hurricane Katrina and Rita. My prayers are with you...Bill Scott, Sr.)

After the Rain

Right after my storm; as the winds stopped and ceased
There was a great calm; as I sighed in relief
And though there is damage; from the previous rage
I can start a new chapter; and can turn a new page

But as the dust settles; and I clearly can see
I look through the rubble; though I would rather flee
Though all is destroyed; and there’s nothing but sand
I can still trust in my God; as He helps me to stand

As I survey the damage; and I calculate cost
The pain swells up in me; as I see all I’ve lost
Though I tremble in horror; and I ask the Lord why?
I know the Lord loves me; and it’s ok to cry.

It’s so overwhelming; as my emotions do flare
It’s easy to doubt; that my God really cares
And yes the storm passed; yet the fierce winds were real
It’s so hard to move on; as I struggle to heal

My eyes fill with water; my mouth gets all dry
My heart sinks in despair; as I long to die
My emotions, they hurt me; I hunger and thirst
My heart; it aches badly; I feel as if it will burst

The rain is now gone and the skies are now blue
Yet I still haven’t healed; from what I’ve gone through
And now time has passed; as life continues on
I still live in darkness; even though the night’s gone

I know this sounds gloomy; what else can I say?
The Lord will heal my heart; as I seek Him and pray?
My worst fears behind me; or that’s what they say
I once felt victorious; I now feel like prey

But all is not lost; though I feel that it is
For my heart isn’t mine, it is totally His
And my God is faithful; I’ll trust Him till I die
I will lift His name up; I will lift it up high

My God is my healer; he will one day heal me
And though I am now mourning; I will one day be free
For here is a truth; that I will try to explain
The Son always shines; even after the rain!