Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Show me Your Glory!

Lord, show me Your glory was what I had asked
Little did I know this was such a huge task
In order for God to fulfill this request
His Son would need too suffer and be laid to rest.

No way! You can’t do that, Your Son cannot die!
Was all I could muster as I tried to reply
But God said, “He has too if you want to see My glory
Don’t worry my child; it’s not the end of the story.”

“But why must He suffer for me in this way?
Why must Your Son die and go to His grave?”
“He needs too for there is no forgiveness for sin
Unless His blood is spilled; there is no hope for men.

I sobbed and I wept as I heard the hard news
“My heart cannot take this; I’m really confused”
I wept even louder as God’s Son came into view
“Behold” a man said, “Here’s the King of the Jews!”

His face was all bloody, He was bruised everywhere
He did not even look human; my heart sank in despair.
The events that transpired right before my eyes
Filled my soul with all terror as I wept and I cried.

I heard people shouting and calling Him names
“He was able to save others! Save Yourself just the same!”
He said nothing at all as He was mocked and was scorned
The mob was real angry; a few women there mourned.

Then all of a sudden God’s Son yelled out something new
He quoted a scripture from Psalm twenty-two.
“My God, don’t forsake Me!” was what He had cried
He took a few more hard breaths then He painfully died

My heart sank in horror my head bowed in shame
I know that my life will never be the same
How can this bring glory to the Father of light?
This thing is a nightmare it doesn’t seem right.

But behind the pain something else was going on
God knew that my night would soon turn to dawn
But I could not see this as the pain was too hard to take
I thought Christ was dead, as I suffered and ached

“All is against me” or so that’s what I thought
The suffering endured I assumed was my lot
But something new happened and it’s glorious for all
Christ rose from the dead in Glory as I stood there in awe.

All of the agony that this trial did bring
Has fled so far away, as I dance and I sing
God’s glory revealed in His Son I now see
God answered my prayer; I now see God’s Glory!

Bill Scott, Sr.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Journal 8/29/05

The weather outside is cold and crisp. It's raining and I love it. I am so glad that the Lord of Heaven made a way for me to move my family and I to the Northwest. It is so beautiful here. I am in total awe at the splendor and beauty that this state and country has. I really am blessed.

But for whatever reason I have had this feeling that I am experiencing the calm before the storm. I have had a strange feeling in my gut since yesterday and I don't know why. I don’t know if something bad is going to happen personally or nationally, but I can sense an eeriness in the air. This feeling brings sobriety to me. I have blown it so many times in my life and we as a nation have turned our backs on the One who loves us more times than I can imagine.

Is His fair and righteous judgment coming? Is God going to judge America and us as a nation? Are all the natural calamities and perils a sign of what’s to come? Is it just a coincident that every single disaster in the last 6 years has happened within 72 hours after we pressured Israel to abandon their land? Joel chapter three in the Bible comes to my mind as I think about these things. Is God judging our nation for pressuring Israel to divide its land? I don't know. But if you do your homework, you will find that after EVERY single decision that America has made in the so called peace process in the last 6 years we have suffered GREATLY by either natural disasters or terror. If anything it's at least intriguing.

We pressured Israel to leave its land that we call occupied by unauthorized settlements. And within 72 hours of the 1st withdraw from the land, hurricane Katrina comes out of nowhere. This is a category 5 hurricane and it is hitting the heart of America. It scares me. I love being American. I love my freedoms and living in this land that has been blessed for so long. But we have pressured Israel to abandon the land promised to them by our Creator; and now we may be on the verge of something that so powerful; that even the Mighty America may not be able to stand; God’s judgment.

Oh God of heaven, have mercy on us as a nation. Please forgive us and help our political leaders see the truths found in your word. Help us to stand united for Israel and please move our leaders to do the right, biblical thing. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Bill Scott, Sr.

When Darkness Surrounds Me (Psalm 40:1-3)

The Darkest place is where I've been
I saw no grace, only my sin
The sun was gone, my eyes were blind
Out of this pit, I could not climb

Terror, fear and hopelessness
made their home within my chest
Pain and grief and suffering
Took their hold and captured me

But God is bigger than all this
As He dwells in faithfulness
His Spirit which lives inside me
Broke this stronghold and set me free.

As I suffered, as I cried
The Lord looked in at my demise
Infliction was upon my soul
The love of God then took hold

I see God high and lifted up
His grace abounds and fills me up
So from this pit I start to cry
As my tears flood into the sky

Compassion, Mercy, Grace and Peace
The floodgates of Heaven release
They come upon me in this hole
God's lovingkindness fills my soul

I see the darkness start to fade
As God's light comes to my aide
I feel a strong hand embrace me
As the stronghold starts to flee

My spirit's shattered, my life is scarred
My flesh is weak, my heart is hard
These are the fruits from within the pit
God's loving light has revealed it

So now I stand here as a man
Not in the pit but on dry land
The darkness forever changed me
I'm not the same how can I be?

The past behind me is now a blur
I now can feel God's Spirit stir
I don't know where I am to go
But in time I'm sure to know

So I pledge right here, right now
These words I write are now a vow
I will give my all for just One cause
I will forever follow Jesus!!!

Bill Scott, Sr.


God is good Tobias; He really is you see,
He's blessed my wife and I with you; you're here alive breathing.
I know its hard my child with every breath you take,
but son I really love you I'm here no matter what it takes.
My heart it aches with sorrow for all you have gone through,
you've had such a rough start Tobias and its getting harder too.
I don't know what tomorrow holds, will you be there with me?
I long to hold you in my arms please give all your pain to me.
My God's a God of comfort He'll hold you in His arms,
for I am weak with pain and grief and He has held me this far.
I pray that you won't pass away, but Tobi, if you do . . .
I trust that you will see my God and He will hold you too.

Bill Wayne Scott
Copyright ©2003
Bill Wayne Scott

The Bread of God (John 6:22-59) 2/5/04

The Bread of God is something that is tenderly prepared
This Bread brings life to the soul; it's food the Father shares

Eat this bread until you're full or you're about to burst
For this Bread feeds the hungry and it satisfies all thirst

The Bread of Life is "He", who gives life to the dying soul
Eat of this Bread, to your delight, eat up untill you're full.

I AM the Bread of Life; are the words that Jesus said
Your fathers ate the manna and behold; look, they are dead

I AM the living Bread of Life; watch Me, don't be deceived
For I came down from Heaven, to save those who believe

Moses couldn't help them when it was their time to die
He ran out of manna; he had a limitied supply.

My Bread is Eternal, it satisfies forevermore
He who eats this Bread will live, for thus sayeth the Lord

He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me
I've come to open up your eyes so that you can clearly see

My point is simple yet profound, I hope you will believe
That the scriptures, which you have read; they testify of Me.

Poor Choices

I long to bring You honor
But I only bring You shame
I long to bring You glory
But I only bring you pain
The suffering that's been inflicted is caused by my own choice
Because once again my Lord, I've not listened to Your voice
Why? Oh why, wretched soul wont you follow God's commands?
Why wont you place all of your trust, in His Son's blood-stained hands?
All my toil and labor seem to end in grief
For I don't do as God says and don't follow my beliefs.

My Nightmare

(Written on 2/11/05)
I awoke this morning, or so I thought
To a whole new world, free of distraught.
The sun was shining, the skies were blue
Was this a dream? I had no clue.

So I got up and rubbed my eyes
I stretched my hands up towards the sky
I strolled into the living room
Where I smelled a sweet perfume.

"BEHOLD!" I heard a girl's voice say
As I turned to look that way.
I saw my kids all sitting there
They just played, as I just stared.

I then looked up so I could see
The voice that was speaking to me.
The voice was sweet, pleasant to hear
She was full of grace, and full of cheer.

My face lit up as I stood up straight
It was my wife, my loving soul mate.
The words she spoke were, "I love you!"
I knew the words she spoke were true.

I smiled as I looked at her
Her health problems were now a blur
For as she stood there I could see
The size of her little belly.

I scratched my head and tried to think
I rubbed my eyes until they blinked
She had no baby in her womb
BEHOLD! our baby's in this room.

I looked again below my knees
I saw not two kids, I saw three.
Tobi and Billy with his curls
Were playing with my baby girl

I leaped for joy at what I saw
Mercy was here, I stood in awe.
"She's beautiful" was all I could speak
As I stood my legs grew weak.

I fell to the floor to pick her up
I looked at Toby, he said "Sup"
I rubbed my eyes to stop the tears
I just can't believe that Mercy's here

As I rubbed my eyes real deep
I heard a really distant beep
I lowered my hands to my dismay
It was now time to start my day

"What is this?" I was in shock
For the loud beep was my alarm clock.
It was dream, no that cant be
My baby girl was here with me.

My nightmare starts right here you see
It's called real life; no, not that dream
For now my baby girl's not here
Reality speaks loud and clear

In time, I'm sure that things will change
Where dreams are real and life's not strange
Until then I'll rest in my sleep
Where nightmares end until…beep, beep, beep

(Time to get up again!!!)


(written 5/20/03 - Tobias was 7 days old)

Cries used to bug me they got under my skin
But now I wish that Tobi's cries would soon begin
How do I raise not one child but two? Lord, with billy and tobias, what will I do?
I have always lived like it was all about just me
Now I constantly worry about those closest to me
My wife is in pain and my son is really sick
My other son Billy seems to be lost in the mix
With life their comes changes each day does bring more
I need to live out this live in the strength of the Lord
In life their are changes so when things do seem odd
We must always remember to seek the face of God.
Marraige brought me laughter, joy and contentment
It also brought me change with no resentment
Because it brought me children now my life is not the same
I love my kids so much even in the midst of pain
With life their are changes they effect everyone of us
That is why we need to cling to the love of Jesus
In life their are changes so now what will we do?
Will we complain or will we change? It's really up to you...!

Journal 8/29/05

Well here goes nothing,

I really long to honor the Lord in all that I do. I hope that my writing's will bless all who read it in the future. I will be transfering all my writing over onto this site in the near future. So please be patient and bear with me.

Bill Scott, Sr.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Journal 8/23/05

So my friends are in town from California. What a blessing. I really missed them and I am sad that they are leaving to go home today. We had an incredible time of prayer and worship last night in my home. As we were singing and praying, I found that I really missed the spiritual connection that I had with my friends in California. So my prayer is that God would again allow me to have the same spiritual connection with the new friends that I hopefully will make here in Oregon.
My wife and I have decided that we are going to be opening our home once again for prayer and worship. It is such an important part of our lives and when we stray from moving out and seeking the Lord in this fashion; we tend to suffer as we tend to lose focus on the One who sealed us for the day of redemption. I am really excited about starting the Friday night prayer and worship. It is in these meetings that I have had the most intimate times with my Father in heaven. And if no one shows up; that is ok, because I am confident that God himself will show up and meet with us each week.
How I long to be more like the Master. I love my Creator and He loves me. I can't wait to hear from Him as I know He will love me, rebuke me, correct me, encourage me, and help me to walk a life worthy of bearing His name. I don't fear His rod as it truly does comfort me because God corrects in love. And though I have truly lost my focus; I know He will show me where my heart is and where it ought to be. And that really excites me.
I can feel the Lord approaching upon the horizon and I am excited to see Him. I want to prepare my heart for Him. I want to be found doing what is proper as He comes to me. I want to bring the Lord honor and through His Spirit's prompting and leading, I am sure that together this can be done. No more will I live for myself and shame the Lord. From here on out He is the One I will follow. Oh God, lead me and help me stay true to you.
Bill Scott, Sr.

Monday, August 22, 2005

What a mess!

My poor wife. She is going through such a difficult season. She is depressed and sad and tired. She is burned out with the kids and with life. How I wish I could take away her burden. How I wish that I could play God for a few minutes and ease her pain. How I wish that I had the ability to make her happy. But I can't. All I know is that the Lord Himself is the sustainer of life. All I know is that God said, “Blessed (Happy) is the man who trusts in the Lord."
My wife, please trust in the Lord. He has given us all the desires of our hearts so far. We got married. We have three wonderful kids. We live in a beautiful state. We have friends and family visit us all the time. We own a home. We are healthy for the most part (apart from the colds). And though I can and have and will continue to fail you, the Lord NEVER will.
My wife, you are my best friend. I love you will all that I am. And even though my love will fail at times, God loves you in a way that is beyond our capacity to grasp. God loves you because he loves you. The Lord is not ashamed to call you his own. You are His beloved and his bride. Cling to Jesus. Cling to the hope that we have in Him. Cling to the hope that our future will be bright. Our emotions will not always go against us. One day we will see Him for who he really is. The blindness will be removed from our eyes and we will see the Lord of Glory in all his holiness. We will see Him and be with him. He is what we need. He is what we long for even when we don't realize it. He is the gold at the end of the rainbow. The Lord, ah the Lord. He is so wonderful and merciful. He is so compassionate and caring. He hurts with us. He loves you Jessica. The Lord loves you. Jesus loves you intensely.
My bride, my friend; my smile and partner in this thing called life. You are such a wonderful mother. You are a great wife. You are a good friend. Your heart cares for so many. My heart is so calloused yet even though I have a hard heart, your heart remains tender and fresh. You hear of stories of people suffering and you suffer with them. You grieve with them. I hear them and I think nothing as I am so hard hearted. I love your tenderness. I love you. Though I don't listen most of the time and I am a joke of a husband, you still pour out unconditional love towards me and I embrace that. I need you. You have such a wonderful spirit and soul. Though you see yourself as flawed, I see you as a person I long to be. I wish I were more like you and less like me. Because you reflect the Lord far more than I do. I love you Jessica. Your smile, your eyes, your character, you...you...you. I love you. You do so much for me and the kids. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Journal 8/3/05

So it's been awhile since I have written anything. Life has been so incredibly busy and I have had my hands full with projects. I just bought a house and I had to strip the deck and restain it. I had to tear out an old upstairs window and its frame and install a new frame and window. I cut down two trees and had to tear down a fence. I had to move my entire household, almost completely by myself. I have had to pack and then unpack, uninstall a dishwasher and install a new one. I have been busy; very busy, and I am tired.
I do hope that once I finish moving....(I have little stuff to move from the apartment to the house still) that I will have time once again to finish my novel and spend more time with my kids and my wife. I hope that as I settle that I will have more time for Jesus too as I have neglected Him when I know better than to do that. I miss my Jesus. I need more of Him and less of me. I know that time is an element that everyone has to deal with. And if I were to say that I didn't have time for Jesus, I would only be making an excuse because EVERYONE has the same amount of hours in a day. I need to prioriize my time more efficiently.