Thursday, August 17, 2006

Journal 8/17/06


There is an eerie feeling in the air. It feels like the calm before the storm. I know you are doing something behind the scenes right now with the EU and Israel, the West, the East, Al Qaeda, Iran, Syria, Javier Solana, the earth quakes, the floods, the death, etc. So I pray for wisdom Lord. I ask in the name of your son for wisdom to manage my affairs and to do the right things in these times that we live in.

I have heard that Iran may have nuclear weapons. And I have heard that the president of Iran believes that he will be the one who ushers in his (false) messiah through chaos and destruction. Most believe that August 22nd of this year is significant; is it? Lord, I have heard that there is a potential for a major war from Teheran. I have heard that there is a high probability that Iran will attack Israel with nukes within days. Is this true Lord? If it is, what do I do in light of this? How do I function as your child and as your ambassador to the world?

I have heard that this year on the night of 8/22/06 that the Muslims will be celebrating the journey of their (false) prophet Mohammed to Jerusalem and his ascension into heaven. I have heard that these followers have the perfect opportunity to enrich their celebration by throwing a nuclear attack on Israel. I don’t know if this is true Lord, but you do. And its you alone that I cling to Father. In Jesus name I pray….amen.

Here is a list of earthquakes listed in three columns. The 1st column is the year. The 2nd column are earth quakes above 6.0 and the third column is total earthquakes for the that year. So the 1st line reads in 1970 there were 130 earthquakes above 6.0 and there were a total of 4139 earth quakes in 1970.

1970 - 130 - 4139
1971 - 132 - 4507
1972 - 125 - 4548
1973 - 108 - 5175
1974 - 113 - 4996
1975 - 122 - 5318
1976 - 131 - 6308
1977 - 102 - 5775
1978 - 109 - 6428
1979 - 113 - 7161
1980 - 119 - 7348
1981 - 103 - 6829
1982 - 95 - 7747
1983 - 140 - 9842
1984 - 99 - 10493
1985 - 124 - 13115
1986 - 95 - 12718
1987 - 123 - 11290
1988 - 101 - 12711
1989 - 86 - 14585
1990 - 126 - 16612
1991 - 116 - 16516
1992 - 127 - 19548
1993 - 157 - 21476
1994 - 176 - 19371
1995 - 210 - 21007
1996 - 182 - 19938
1997 - 145 - 19872
1998 - 129 - 21688
1999 - 146 - 20832
2000 - 175 - 22309
2001 - 142 - 23534
2002 - 143 - 27454
2003 - 155 - 31419
2004 - 152 - 29140

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Journal 8/9/06

Why do people say they are Christians and then say that they don't believe in the bible. Someone told me today that they don't believe what the Bible says about certain things and then they tell me that they are a Christian. And when someone says that, what they are really saying is that they know more about a certain topic than God does. This breaks my heart but I am sure that this breaks the heart of God even more. It reminds me of the words of Jesus when he was looking over the city of Israel, "How I long to gather you to myself as a hen gathers her chicks, but you are unwilling".

Father I pray for this person at work that thinks she is a believer and yet rejects pretty much the entire bible. She only believes in the parts that she wants to and has created a god in her own image. Please Lord, break down the walls in her heart and allow her to see you for who you really are. In Jesus name I pray; Amen.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Journal 8/8/06


You are so good and so faithful. You are mighty and holy and I am thankful that you love me. Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you for my wonderful children. I pray that you would save all my kids, all four of them. I pray that you would use me as an instrument to lead them to you. I pray that they would love you and walk with you all the days of their lives and I pray that you would use them for your glory.

I pray for my wife and I ask that you would be her comfort and joy. I ask that you would lead her as she begins to homeschool soon. Give her insight and wisdom. Help her to faithful teach our kids to read and write and to memorize your word. Minister to my wife Lord.

And I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Please bring peace to your people. In Jesus name I pray....Amen.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Journal 8/7/06


I see so many references in the scriptures about true and false converts. When I look at passages like the parable of the 10 virgins and or Matthew 24:42 I often wonder where I am at in light of these passages. Do I live a surrendered life to your Spirit? If I am to be honest, I would have to say no. So my question is, how do I get to that place and stay there? I want to be a full on Christian and yet I lack the power and motivation 99% of the time. Please talk to me Jesus.

Am I one of yours? I mean I think I am, but then there is so much sin in my life at times that I may just be deceiving myself. Am I deceiving myself Jesus? Is your Holy Spirit living in me? What more can I do to so that you have free reign in my life?

And when I look at all that is happening in Israel and the EU. When I look at Mr. Europe (Javier Solana) and see the potential of him being the anti-christ or at least the office he created being filled by the anti-christ, when I look at all these things; it causes me look into my heart of hearts and see where I am at. And as I look inside of me, I am scared to death because I see just how dirty and sinful I really am. Is there hope for me Jesus? You say your sheep hear your voice; and yet I am so unsure that I hear you. And all through out the New Testament you warn us to hear you. Well, you have my attention Lord, what would you like to say to me? I am here listening for you.